This is a story about Control

Let me be absolutely clear about this.

I. Love. Janet Jackson.

I have always loved Janet.

As a young child, I watched reruns of Good Times, just WAITING for Penny to get in the last word.

I kept tabs on her during Different Strokes, because I needed to know if she would ever straighten out that Willis.

Her short-lived run on FAME as Cleo? Yeah. I was there. That’s right, I said Cleo.

Miss Jackson, before she got the jump on the military look.


And eventually, my devotion was handsomely repaid. Not with the first two albums, mind you. But with CONTROL. Now, for anyone who grew up back in the day, you remember what it was like hearing “Nasty Boys” for the first time on the radio. (I won’t lie. I tried to imitate that walk. I don’t know anybody who didn’t.)

We knew she was a Jackson, but that album let you know she had become Janet. With a capital J. She had given herself her own identity and wanted everyone to know it.

And, we NEEDED to figure out how she danced like that.


Then, just when we thought it couldn’t get better, we were gifted with Rhythm Nation. And, that was the LAST time she was tagged as “Michael’s Little Sister.” She was fierce and ferocious, all by herself. She became an inspiration and an icon, for lots of people. Especially me.

Every new song brought a new video. Every new video brought new innovation. And a new Janet. She went through at least 4 different phases and 16 different hairstyles in that album alone.

I mean…  Come on, now.

Then, she gave us _janet. _And, she showed a… whole new side. You wanted sexy? Here it was: big, bold and unapologetic. And, NEW DANCE STEPS for the kids to sweat over! She did that a lot.

Set your truth free, children. We ALL did the breakdown.


And, then came The Velvet Rope.

And All for You

And Damita Jo. And so on

Over decades of trends in music, fashion and fierceness, she has always been my number one. But, I have never seen her live in concert. And, any time she announced that she would not tour again, I wept bitter tears of regret.

So hopefully, this helps you understand the gravity of the situation, when I say this:

**My best friend got a pair of tickets for us to see Janet in her UNBREAKABLE tour!!! **

Yes, this is a lot of drama over one artist, but in my oh so humble opinion, she is WORTH. IT. This is momentous.

She has always inspired me. And so, I am giving myself a Janet-inspired challenge. I have 150 days until the concert. I am making a change in my life, and it starts tomorrow. Hopefully, I will stick to it. I _need _to, for my own sake.

More to come, kids.