Y’all remember last year, when a friend of mine was twitter-abused by a bitter actor?
He’s back!

He’s posted a tumblr page about my playwright friend and labeled it king duncan the douchebag.


No, I will NOT be posting the tumblr page and giving this fool traffic.

I took a look at this, because Duncan just finds this funny as hell.
I, however, am puzzled.
How are you going to think to yourself, “what I really need to do for my career, is fixate on one rejection from a year ago and make as much of a show of it as possible?”
And he tries to turn it around and blame HIM. “He took it the wrong way,” “It was innocent”, “I was being jocular and facetious.”

No, you’re just being redundant and, well… infantile.

Are you reading the same exchange I’m reading?
Because I’m reading someone trying to get a reaction out of the playwright.

YOU started the exchange.

YOU started the name calling.

YOU begin several attempts to bait him, justifying the original decision to stay as far away from you as possible.

And YOU claimed to have better things to do, yet after a year, you posted this page.
I’m pretty sure actors who are that good and that busy, don’t have time to do this mess.
The playwright, I’m sure, had forgotten all about you.

Oh, but that’s the point, isn’t it?

Let me guess: that week when your posts were everywhere in what NOT to do as an actor was the most popular time of your life, wasn’t it?
Your name and Twitter action was at the top of many lists, and you thought doing this would get it going again.

Well, congratulations, Pumpkin.
I’d never seen an actor sink so low and honestly thought you’d hit rock bottom.

Clearly, I underestimated you.

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