I am ashamed that THIS woman is so simple

Y’all knew I couldn’t let this fool woman get away, right?

Dear Jodie Laubenberg,
You have NO. CLUE. as to what this is about, have you?
You get on the House floor, you object to any and all exceptions regarding rape and incest and you defend that by claiming the exemptions are not necessary since when you go to the hospital, they give you a rape kit, that “cleans you out.”
Yes, apparently, they just attach a hose to a pump and flush all of the icky stuff right out. Easy, peasy.
Because after all, since YOU have never been raped or been the victim of incest, YOU are the standard by which all women should be measured. And since YOU couldn’t possibly EVER get yourself into a situation like this (because after all, these women really brought this on themselves, didn’t they?), EVERY woman should be just. like. you.

Well, that’s a very… interesting sentiment, Ms. Laubenberg.
Tell me, when they covered things like rape and sexual assault in your human biology or sexuality class, were you absent?
Did you skip that day in class?
Or maybe you sat in the back and didn’t actually pay attention because, hey, these scenarios didn’t apply to you.
Maybe you just opted out of class or, you know, the past 50 years of human development and you just didn’t know.
It’s possible.
It’s also possible that you just metaphorically stuck your fingers in your ears and blocked out all communication about the atrocities “other” women face.
But see, those “other” women didn’t have that luxury of blocking it out when they were being raped, sodomized or generally assaulted (over 200,000 per year). After the attack, only a tiny portion of those women actually work up the guts to go to the police to report it (46%). The “rape kit” is put together for the sole purpose of gathering evidence to identify their attacker (only 3% of which ever see the inside of a jail cell). It’s used in the prosecuting case, if the case ever makes it to court and the victim does, in fact, decide to prosecute (9 out of every 100).
And if they then are in the horrific position of being reminded of their attack every. single. day with a pregnancy (5% of victims), YOU want to subject them to further shame and scrutiny and tell them they can’t choose their own fate, no matter what.
But YOU never had to do it, so YOU speak for ALL women of Texas. Isn’t that right?
My guess is, you were trotted out by your male constituents to say, “See? It’s not just us. This woman speaks for YOU and YOU want the same things SHE wants.”
I can’t even bother to be glib about this atrocity.
Rep. Laubenberg, you’ve helped sell out all of the women in your great state, without knowing a blessed thing about what they have to go through.
Hope you can sleep, knowing that.

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