Much Ado About NOTHING!!

Oh, my.
One thing I can depend on: no matter how much rehearsal I have, the outside world’s dumbassery abounds.

Let’s start with the Michelle Obama “controversy.”
A protester showed up at a private fundraiser and attempted to corner Mrs. Obama with a question about gay rights. Mrs. Obama responds by basically saying, “I will not put up with this. Either you leave or I do.”
Now, there has been quite a lot of talk about how she SHOULD have responded. People felt the need to admonish her for not being diplomatic enough to a heckler.
Okay, look.
Let’s be frank: Any comedian will tell you that a heckler does NOT approach a speaker, looking for DIPLOMACY. They want to get a rise out of the guy with the mic. They want the attention. This protester was merely looking for the spotlight.

Well, she got it.
Clearly, someone forgot to tell her that if you get up in a sista’s face, be prepared for when (not if) she gets up in yours.

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If you haven’t seen the Cheerios commercial that got the trolls all riled up, you may wonder why there’s any fuss about it.
Heck, even if you HAVE seen it, you may be like, “What is the problem?!”
In the 21st century, we should NOT be having this “controversy.” But in a universe where a small town school in Georgia tried the ground-breaking concept of their first integrated prom (no, really), I suppose one should measure these things in degrees.

But for me, the list of “You gotta be freakin’ kidding me!” is topped once again by Fox News.
A new study revealed that apparently, 40% of American households now have women as the primary sources of income. So, true to form, Fox goes on the offensive.
Juan Williams claims it’s a sign of the disintegration of marriage which will have negative consequences for generations to come. Erick Erickson declares that in the natural world “and other animals” the males are the dominant ones and that any liberal who defends this trend is “anti-science.” (That one? WOW).

But finally, Fox contributor Doug Schoen ended it all with saying that all of the breadwinner moms “could undermine our social order”.

You mean, the social order that suggests it’s better to close 23 schools while spending $400 million dollars on a new prison?

The social order that allows the dollars of the few to overrule the basic human rights of the many?

The same social order that wants us to ignore the suffering of millions worldwide but, please, make sure we have plenty of money for Kardashian endorsements and spin-offs?
THAT Social Order?!

Well, Doug, allow me to suggest something.
Perhaps your “social order” needs a little undermining.
Yes, I think it could use a major overhaul.
In fact, maybe your social order needs to be GUTTED LIKE A FISH, to get you to understand that the world is not the “Leave it to Beaver” fever dream ideal people like you have been trying to shove down our throats for the last 60 years.

It isn’t as simple as that. It was NEVER that simple and you’re a fool for suggesting that the women of this country are doing this to destroy the nuclear family. They are doing this to survive.

What the women of that 40% are looking to conquer is their own fate. Where they work, how they live and making a safe haven for their families, despite the fact that they are STILL paid less than any man in the exact same job position.
Trust me. If women were looking solely to dominate the world, we’d have done it already.
And you. wouldn’t have. a job.

If this statistic is making you hold your manhood cheap, don’t sit there blaming the women of this country (I know it’s been a tried and true strategy for you guys, but ADJUST). Blame the “job creators” who skillfully took the jobs away and pocketed the money. Blame the out of touch, antiquated mind set you’ve been inflicting on people for years. Blame the greedy, power-hungry idiots who are so desperately trying to keep a white-knuckle grip of control on EVERYBODY ELSE.

But don’t come crying to me.

So, Juan, Lou and especially Doug, today you receive special Dumb-ass Decoration. And I place you in the Hall of Fame Museum of Old Stupid Stuff We Don’t Need. Right between that spray that’s supposed to hide your bald spot and that milk spout thing from Friends.

Flingin’-Flangin’ Dumbasses.

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