Another Op’ning…

Four of the most glorious word in the English language: First day of rehearsal!
Well, they’re glorious to me.
I’ve spent the past three days working on a new show I’m in.
Well, this production is new. The show itself is OLD.

In three weeks’ time, I’ll be featured in a Shakespeare on the Sound production of:

As You Like It!

It’s my first show with this company and I can’t tell you how excited I am!
I’m playing Audrey, the dim but sweet goat shepherdess.
It’s my first try at being a Shakespeare clown and we’ve spent days, analyzing the script, questioning the motives of the characters, debating whether or not we really NEED goats (FYI: we do).

The rehearsals have been long. All day long.
I come home most times, exhausted and happy. And I couldn’t do it without my family. They are the greatest support system ever. Thanks to them, mommy can chase The Dream.

Keep watching here for updates!

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