Smug Jerk Under Glass

So lately, everybody’s been talking about waiters and what patrons feel they should have to tolerate, much less pay.
Well, just last Friday, I had quite the dining experience.
Before picking up my Little Man from school, I was in the mood for sushi and found a place three avenues down.

I walked in, sat down at the bar and had to wait for the waitress to hand me a menu. And it wasn’t even a laminated one! I was annoyed for a moment, thinking, “Is it me?” But I let that pass.

And then, I was waiting for maybe ten minutes before the waitress even looked in my direction to ask me for my order.
I was so frustrated, I nearly threw my hands up in exasperation and thought, “What is going ON?! Geez! Can’t someone else handle…?”
But before the thought even finished in my head, I take a cursory glance around the room. That’s when I realized that no, someone else can’t handle

You see, she was alone.
And she was bringing water and tea and food and napkins and everything to approximately 9 separate tables, not including all of the people at the bar. All during the lunch rush. Small as the place was, she was on her own and trying to make sure everyone was happy and she was doing her job. So, I thought it might be best if I NOT be a crybaby and simply wait my turn while she does her work.

Which brings me to the Dumbass of the Week.
Yes, I realize the week just started.
But Kyle Smith of The New York Post made it pretty clear that he’s bucking for the #1 spot. And since there are TOO many people to blame for the sequester fiasco, we’ll just start with this guy.

His smug, dismissive take on “waitrons” that are too nice or accommodating for his taste just set me off.
Mind you, I haven’t done food service since my high school days, so I couldn’t possibly have an inkling as to how rough it is for the actor/waiter who works shift after shift to make enough tips to keep a roof over their heads and has to squeeze acting classes and auditions and workshops in between those shifts so that they can do what they came to New York to do. Hint: They didn’t come to New York to tolerate your ignorant, entitled butt.

I’m so glad that you love the wait service and “hands-off” approach they have in France. Yes, they let the food speak for itself. You know what else they do? Pay their employees enough off the top so that wait staff doesn’t have to depend on YOU to make sure they EAT. It’s different here.

I get it. You don’t need to do this menial job, but try to remember every now and then that plenty of people do need to do this job. And unless you plan on cooking at home a lot more, figure out a way to respect the people killing themselves to get you your service with a smile.

Oh, and one more thing:
They’re servers, not “servants.”
You don’t own them. It’s not your palace.
Stop. Watching. Downton Abbey.


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    *standing ovation!*

  2. *bows*
    Thank you, kindly.

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