In the Neighborhood.


I had a busy day today.
My Men (husband and Little Man) and I went to a birthday for a pair of twins we know.
We travelled all the way to Hoboken, a place where we spent our first year of marriage. We had a cozy basement apartment, plenty of friends, and a square mile of bars at our disposal.
In case you’re wondering, yes, it was that fun.

We walked to the party location (a bookstore! An actual bookstore!), reminiscing over all our old haunts, surveying the new stores and hang-outs, mourning our favorite places that now cease to be.

We arrived to find a frazzled mommy doing last-minute prepping. Within 20 minutes, we were overloaded with babies. We had a great time, reuniting with friends from the neighborhood. We’ve all found new neighborhoods, of course. Out of town, miles away. All with babies of our own.

We keep in touch.

Facebook helps.

Of course, it’s never the same.

But it’s not supposed to be, is it?


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