Something just Broke

I was originally planning on writing a completely different post.

But, I’ve been completely changed by today.
I was practicing a song this morning and turned on my laptop to check Facebook and sift through email.
I saw the updates.
I went to check news feeds.
Then I cried.
I grieved.
I stifled a scream.
Several screams.
I wept, for an hour.
Then I remembered I have to go pick up my son from school.
Dazed and out of sorts, I didn’t know what to do.
I wiped my eyes, a lot.
I walked from my house to his school, because I felt so lost.
And when I got there and found my little boy so happy to see mommy, I knew that the teachers had said nothing to the kids. I also knew I couldn’t be the one to break the spell.

So I just held him.
I hugged him so tight. And covered him with kisses.
And I thanked God and every circumstance under the sun that my boy was in my arms.
On the way home, he asked for some ice cream.
Ice cream before his homework or dinner or anything.
And I said, “Yes.”

Without hesitation.

I suppose I went a little overboard, and I’m sure I was not the only parent who did.
But I didn’t care.
My baby was in my arms and coming home to me, wonderfully oblivious to what happened in the world today.
And then he made me laugh.

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