Quick Update

So, tonight I went with a friend of mine to go see “Cock,” the off-Broadway play by Mike Bartlett.

Yes, “Cock.” Stop giggling.

90 minutes, 4 actors, no set, no fancy lighting, just theater in the round and riveting dialogue.
It’s comedic, dramatic and all around tense.
I love watching good actors in a stripped-down production. Nothing to hide behind. Just the script and the performances.
Excellent show.

Oh, and reason #6,409 why I love this city?

On my way to pre-show dinner with my friend, I saw Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson buying a MetroCard and walked past Chazz Palminteri on the way to Ollie’s for some spicy orange beef.

Topped off with a gorgeous moon, it was a fantastic New York night.


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