Chicken Heads


Things have reached a pretty pass, haven’t they?

I leave for two weeks’ family vacation and all gay Hell broke loose.

There have been so many who have worked so very, VERY hard to achieve this oh so dubious honor.


CEO Dan Cathy

And let me just state for the record, my problem with this whole Chik-fil-A situation does not lie with what he said. Yeah, he’s perfectly within his rights to say and feel how he does. What I have a problem with is that he used the money from his company to contribute to organizations focused on revoking the rights of gay people. The money that I would allegedly spend at your establishment would go to groups that are working to make sure that my friends stay second-class citizens forever.

His actions spoke louder than his words. No, I won’t accept your chicken. Or your bull.

Bailey Hanks

I just heard about this chick the other day. A former reality star who starred on Broadway and is on tour in Legally Blonde, showed her support for Chik-fil-A to all of her fans on Twitter and promptly shot her theater career in the Jimmy Choo-bedecked foot.


I’m not going to say anything about her. Don’t know the girl. Never heard of her before. I will however say, “Hope the memories of Broadway will last you. A long, LONG time.”

Again, you have the right to express your opinion and belief. But when the gay community is pretty much your world, not to mention your bread and butter…

Hope that brownie was worth it.

Twit-heads and Bored Pundits

Heck, I’ll even tip the DA hat to the Olympics. Those critics of Serena Williams, or worse, Gabby Douglas. GABBY DOUGLAS! 16 years old, FIRST Black American gymnast to win individual gold and everybody was bitching about her hair. Really? REALLY?!!

When y’all can do Gold-medal winning, physics-defying, globally inspiring gymnastics in a leotard Richard Simmons wouldn’t try on, graceful and poised in front of a worldwide audience without sweating out YOUR perm, then you can say something.

Anyone? Well, I’m waiting.

No. No, no.

Of all of these, one truly stands out.

Bryan Fischer

The radio host and spokesman for the American Family Association recently declared that an “underground railroad” is needed to free children from their same-sex households?

Oh, Hell No!

So, I decided to NOT fly off the handle and first read the story about the mother in question.

The biological mother of the child in question believes that her former lesbian partner is negligent and possibly abusive to the child. With the judge demanding that the mother comply with the court’s refusal to keep the visits supervised, it put her in a terrible position. A pastor helped the mother and child escape to parts unknown. The pastor is currently facing jail time because of this.


End of story.

And if I were in a similar situation with an abusive ex-partner whom I couldn’t shake, yes, that would put me in a spot of desperation. And I would take my child and run. I would.

But my question to Bryan Fischer is, Does this apply to everyone?

What if the couple weren’t gay?

What if the mother was separated from an abusive, negligent father? Would this “railroad” still be in effect for those mothers?

What about the father who’s been denied custody despite a mount of evidence that the mother is unfit? Does this supposed “freedom train” apply to everyone, or just the ones from gay relationships? And are we talking about just the troubled relationships or ALL children from ALL same-sex houses?

Because if you’re just singling out the gays and lesbians, we’re going to fight.

You know perfectly well that your minions will take this as a call to arms to collect into mobs, and “rescue” children from their families, no matter HOW happy that child is. And were that to actually happen, I know it wouldn’t stop there. Because if you have your way, the parents like me, who tell their children that being gay is nothing to be afraid of, will be next on the list.

For everyone’s sake, I hope it never comes to that.

Because adopted or biological, I know gay people and I know parents. None of my gay friends are parents at the moment, but should you or any of your followers take it upon yourselves to try and liberate their children from their homes or mine, expect to leave that house with nothing but a stiletto in your eye!

I think we can bestow on you the Gold Medal of stupid.

You sir, are an Olympic-sized Dumbass!

Okay, now I’m done.


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