Oh, how the stupid exhausts me!

Are… you… kidding me?!
I honestly thought I’d heard all of the lame excuses used to ban marriage equality. And seriously, ALL of them are lame. But this one tops them all.
Now, thanks to Senator Brunstetter and his wife, we have a new level of stupid.

The good senator (insert imaginary sarcastic quotes here), who has written Amendment One for the North Carolina state constitution, wants it in the constitution to “protect” it from activist judges. But according to his wife, Jodie, it’s more than that. She was quoted by a freelance journalist as saying, the amendment her husband wrote was created to “protect the Caucasian race.”
No joke.
Protect the Caucasian race.
I don’t know who taught this chick her biology, but Mother of God.

In what universe does this make sense? I really want to know.

Gay couples do not procreate!! 

I thought that was the main reason you guys were so against them!

And now, you’re making this about preserving the race? Seriously?!

Oh honey.

Whether you know it or not, you “Caucasians” lost that battle a few centuries ago when your ancestors couldn’t stay out of my ancestors’ quarters.

Now you know. Surrender the fantasy.

So, now you’re concerned that not only will gay people have kids, they’ll have kids of different races, is that it?!
The logic. Where is it?

This is where I’m confused. All of these efforts to curb attempts to treat gay people like, you know, PEOPLE, have been rooted in the deep-seated belief that there is no actual love in a gay relationship, that they cannot and should not raise families because they are “sick.”

But over the past decade or so, I have seen some seriously “sick” behavior, but none of it has come from the supposed “deviants.” I have seen pillars of the community fall, supposed saviors of the family unit exposed in their never-ending quest to strive to retain their right to discriminate.

That’s all this is. Legalized, aggrandized discrimination.

Bill after bill after amendment after grand-standing rally, is all about scaring people into thinking it will be the end of civilization as we know it if we let people live their lives. Seriously, I think that most of the people who are trying so hard to prove to themselves that same-sex relationships aren’t valid have never opened their eyes and seen them as a family. They don’t want to believe it’s real. That the men and women they have been trained to despise their entire lives aren’t that different from themselves.

That. thought. terrifies them. 

But, in light of this woman’s idiotic notions, I think North Carolina and every other state should be far more afraid that knuckle heads like this woman and her husband are working for the state and are responsible for the rights of all citizens of North Carolina. That’s right, ALL citizens. You cannot pick and choose who your constituents love. There is no law for that, no matter what you do.

The answer to finding peace is equality.

Dissolution will be your downfall.

Figure it out now, or suffer later. Your choice.

But if you choose to continue on this path to convince the state you’re right, Mr. Brunstetter, do yourself a favor. Keep your wife from talking to the media. Don’t want the crazy getting in the way of your message.

Oh, the crazy IS your message.

Well, carry on, then.

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