What’s Wrong with This Picture?

So, this ad right here is for a hair salon in Edmonton.
No, seriously. They decided the best way to get people talking about their salon is by posting ads that exhibit a sign of domestic violence as “chic.”

I’m sorry, what?

Well, the talking part is definitely happening. I’m talking about it now.
So, I’m going to need any and all Canadians to let these putzes know that spreading this message is unacceptable, plain and simple.
Fluid Salon in Edmonton does not deserve women coming into their salon, spending their money.
This makes me nuts.

Store owner Sarah Cameron said the point of the ads was to spark controversy, but they were never meant to target or attack anyone.

“It might strike a chord, but as the way our society and community is getting, we keep tailoring everything because everyone is getting so sensitive,” said Cameron.

Oh. The problem is not that you’re posting an ad that seems to glamorize and sexualize ABUSE.
The problem is we’re being too sensitive and automatically connecting your “edgy” marketing with domestic violence.

Well, on behalf of all us overly sensitive, whiny crackpots, may I say, “I’m sorry.”

And by “I’m sorry,” I mean, ahem…
“Suck on it, you ignorant ass!
Are you that obsessed with Mad Men that you thought this misguided series of photos somehow would be “revolutionary”? Your biggest clientele (I’m guessing) is women. When anyone who’s seen the ad makes the immediate connection to violence in the home that is expected to be overlooked because the attacker comes bearing gifts (like say, the diamond necklace the man in the picture is holding) and you don’t, what does that say about you?”

We may be sensitive, but I’ll take that over this crap equalling more dollars for you. Under NO circumstances should you profit from this ‘ish.

One commenter on their Facebook page, actually wrote, “hottest battered woman I’ve ever laid my eyes upon … .”

And you seriously don’t see anything wrong with that?!?

Okay, my whining aside, let me ask you this, Ms. Cameron: What exactly was your intention?
If glamorizing domestic violence wasn’t the goal, the intended reaction, then what was? I’m dying to know.

Being a woman does not give you a pass on this one. In fact, you should know better than your male counterparts in this situation.

You should know better, Sarah Cameron.

You have managed to knock Michele Bachmann off of her assured seat on the DA throne this week in one fell swoop.
This kind of “10 pounds of stupid” is typical for politicians. You brought a whole new level to this game.

Congratulations. You’re a Bachmann-level dumbass.
People work for years to get there, but you clearly have raw talent.

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