Here we go again

So, I had my first day of rehearsal Wednesday.
I’m in a new play by a friend of mine, Nicholas Santasier. It’s called NOTCHES.You heard me, people. As in bedpost. The whole show’s about the dating scene in our fair city, complete with a cast of characters you’ll find disturbingly familiar.

Anyway, that afternoon I prepared my Little Man and myself for the journey.
See, in addition to my performance schedule, my husband is an improv man. It’s what he does. I like to stick to a script. We play to our strengths.
And he’s recently been cast on a house team at the PIT. Basically, that means he performs with his team once a week and we have to find a way around conflicts.

So, I washed the dishes and gave Little Man a snack (and a little something for myself) before getting him dressed and me packed to head out. Jason’s show was at 7:00 and ended at 7:30. I needed to be at rehearsal at 8:00. His show is at the PIT on the East Side of town. My rehearsal? West Side. Of course it is!!

I hauled us off to the N train, and switched over to the 6, landing us right on 23rd St. Perfect! I stop off to find a place where Little Guy can get a bathroom break and a cookie and some milk for the road before getting to Daddy for “the hand-off”. It’s all about the timing.

I waited two minutes outside the PIT (because, well pre-schooler in dimly-lit bar… I do have standards) until Jason came out. There, we kissed and hugged and Jason scooped up Little Man and I said, “He’s had cookies. He should be fine,” said goodbye and hauled myself off to the West Side.

Guess what? After rushing there, they hadn’t gotten to my entrance yet, so my hurrying was (almost) all for naught.
Such is the life.

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