What’d I Miss?

So, you may have noticed I took a BIT of a hiatus before the election.

Trust me, the spammers noticed. (Incidentally, any REAL people out there reading this, I will accept sound advice on how to get these pests off my little corner of the sky. Thank you.)

With all of the immense immaturity (Yeah, Trump, I’m looking at you) going on in the weeks leading up to and following our nation’s biggest cat fight, I just didn’t bother. Guess I was just sick of it all. Campaigns make me weary now and election night adds on too many calories. Truth.

But now, it’s over and I’m looking at holidays. Almost as stressful, but at the very least tastier.

The guys in my band and I are participating in Movember¬†and we’re slowly, but surely raising money. The hurricane made it pretty tough to focus on anything else. My piece of New York remained intact, but people I love in Jersey were affected. A lot.

And during the time they needed help the most, I couldn’t get there.

And I felt helpless.

I really hated that.

But for the most part, things are back to normal.

Looking for work, practicing with the Guys, taking care of Little Man, and shaking my head at the Stupid.

Yeah, I’m noticing companies doing a lot of stupid in order to avoid paying employees enough or giving them enough hours to qualify for medical insurance.


We’ve become SO damn greedy, that CEO’s can’t fathom paying workers fair wage OR providing health care?

Hostess has been drowning in debt, sales have been lackluster, but your CEO gave himself and all his executives RAISES and I’m supposed to believe that the problem is that the bakers’ union went on strike for the pay they were supposed to get in the FIRST place?!

Bitch, ya Twinkies ain’t all that!

Might as well call ’em Ho Cakes, the way you trying to screw everybody.

And breathe…

Okay, I think that’s enough outrage for now.¬†Better pace myself.


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