Sunny Side Up

Reason #1,002 why I love my husband:
A breakfast disaster turned into a fabulous family moment.
I was making blueberry cornmeal pancakes this morning, when the bowl with ALL of the batter, suddenly flipped off the counter and landed on the floor. Batter. Side. Down.
It takes at least 15 minutes just to make another batch.
And my nice floor was just RUINED!
I was LIVID!!
I spent two solid minutes, yelling at a bowl.
A bowl, people.

My Husband walks in, assesses the situation and says the most fantastic thing he could say at this point:

“Get dressed. We are going out to eat!!”

In an instant, I was reduced to laughter AND tears.
A disaster was put in perspective, and I was reminded once again how much I love this man.
Only my husband would use this moment to quote “A Christmas Story”.

He reminded me that we’re finally even from the Great Lasagna Debacle of 2000. You get the idea.

So, we hit our neighborhood diner instead (after clean up, of course).
Breakfast was had with coffee refills, and all was right with the world. : )

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