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A script and a gun

Today, we took on one of the most daunting scenes in the show. It doesn’t seem like much at first, til you realize it’s farce and must be done at breakneck speed. The timing must be impeccable, the cues must be right on top of each other and the delivery must be funny.

So, we had to do the scene over. and over. and over. God bless one of our leading ladies for bringing in “sustenance,” in the form of cookies and crackers. Hey, don’t knock it. It worked.

When the smoke cleared, the blocking was cleaned, the cues were sharpened and we had laughed all the way through it. You can’t ask for more from a rehearsal.

The scene involves several actors auditioning badly, Jesus, a puppet and a gun.

Intrigued, yet?

You will be.

Life upon the wicked stage.

So, I am at the three week checkpoint for rehearsals.
With a fantastic support system, my family is managing to handle two performers working at the same time. oy.
A lot of it involves offering favors and “tagging out.” My husband and I arrange for a time, I bring the child, an exchange is made. A lot of running back and forth before rehearsal even gets started.
But, rehearsals are going great. My cast is beleaguered, but fantastic. By week’s end, we’re exhausted but ready for the next level. It’s going to be big.
Not to mention there’s still a band to worry about. We’ve got a show coming up and we need to get people there. Next week at the Village Lantern. Check the Icky House Club facebook for details. Songs will be sung, costumes will be worn and mayhem will reign. And then, I’ll learn my lines, I swear. : )