So, my little guy and I have spent the past three days stuck inside the house.
The rain makes few things conducive.
He started getting a little restless yesterday, but I think he’ll pull through, especially with a visit from Grandma today.

So, today I have an audition (thus, the Grandma visit).
It’s for a movie. An independent movie and I have never been on an audition for that. I’m doing all of the usual audition stuff: packing up my headshot, fussing over my clothes, my hair, etc. But I’m one of those lame people who have never taken a course in camera acting, so this could end up a pleasant surprise for me or a HOT mess for the director. (make sure you hit the D# when you say “HOT”)

I’m also in the process of scheduling times for our band (you remember, the Icky House Club?) to perform. The boys are itchin’ to get back on a stage, so it’s my job to find it.
This’ll be fun.

All right kids, I’m off to find an outfit, feed my preschooler and make some semblance of order of my life. Toodles!

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