Time is my enemy… maybe.

Ever have one of those lifetimes where you find yourself constantly saying, “Time got away from me. Time got away from me?”

It becomes a chronic condition.

And I’m really tired of suffering from it.

Anyway, what I need to do right now is focus on the show coming up in June. The process is coming together. A worry that we had has been resolved. But, like any show, as soon as one problem gets handled, eight more spring up like weeds.

Speaking of weeds, I need to have a little chat with nature. This whole sudden allergy thing?
Not cool, springtime.



Come on, springtime. We used to be cool together. I reveled in your budding beauty. I extolled the virtues of a perfect spring day in the park. You… left me dry-eyed and sneeze-free, so that I could enjoy it. Now, you show up and I spend two weeks in misery.

Was it something I did? Did I take you for granted?

Did I share you with too many people? What have I done to deserve this?!


Oh, well. Coffee calls.

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